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There is too much to say about music, it is a very personal thing just to listen to, and possibly more so to play. There are too many musician who have influenced me, and I have had some lessons from a couple of great teachers who did not try to beat my style out of me.

On the subject of improvisation William Parker, John Stevens,  and Derek Bailey, have all written eloquently on the subject of initially unstructured improvisation. Improvising for me is playing while trying put aside any preset ideas, letting something else take over your playing, where you can become accepting of whatever occurs and every sound/non-sound is a valid contribution. 

The music I play is not fully representative of the music I listen to; to find out more about the music I like, have a look at the listening list below. Minimalism, Grindcore, early Death Metal, improvised Music, and Jazz all play a part in overtly influencing how I play.



Solo Recordings

The first two tracks were recorded at home in 2013. Two KM150 mics to a Sound Devices Mix Pre-D and recorded straight to my phone with the USB Recorder app. The Third was recording during a break at a Mouth4Rusty practice a few years back, I was trying to make something grindcoresque.


Benign Proximinal Positional Vertigo



Bromide - nospaceanymoreeveninbetweebwords (Scratchy Records 2001)

The Broken Hearts/Whitey - Black Cat (Mute 2007)

Maps - Elouise Sixtoes remix (Mute 2007)

Sixtoes - Trick of the Night (Toe Music 2008)

Depeche Mode - Jezabel Sixtoes remix (Mute 2009)

Depeche Mode - Peace Sixtoes remix (Mute 2009)

Depeche Mode - Comeback Sixtoes remix (Mute 2009)

Mouth 4 Rusty - Good Men Now (Ochiltree Music 2011)

Mouth 4 Rusty - Fire, Mice and Other People (Ochiltree Music 2012)

Big Pilot - Gravity Pulls Through (AWAL 2013) 

Big Pilot - The Car Club (AWAL 2014)

Using Music

If you wish to use the music on this site for any creative endeavours, (i.e. a film project or sampling etc) please get in touch. I am happy to respond to individual requests. Also, if you have any exciting projects you'd like double bass on please get in touch. 


 Surveys bore me
 I am thoroughly entertained

Listening List

These are the records I like the most...

Gnossiennes - Erik Satie
Sunday at the Village Vanguard -Bill Evans
Live at Birdland - John Coltrane
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
Discreet Music - Brian Eno
Beneath the Remains - Sepultura
Charnel Deity - Impaler 
Spine of God - Monster Magnet
Earth 2 - Earth

Secret Name - Low
The Ballasted Orchestra - Stars of the Lid
Nisus Duets - John Edwards & Mark Sanders
Iron Monkey - Iron Monkey
The Claw - Colin Webster / Mark Holub 
Dysnomia - Dawn of Midi
Bismuth - Unavailing


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